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Canada - Permanent Residency

Canadian Permanent Residency

In the past two decades, Canada has become the quintessential choice for migrants from across the world, which are looking for a new place to settle and start a fresh life. There are several visa programs offered by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) which allows immigrants to choose the most relevant visa category based on their specific needs. Ranging from traveling to Canada on a holiday visit or planning to get settled in Canada. IRCC have immigration programs for all type of immigration needs.

If you are a skilled worker looking for a permanent residency visa, Canada automatically becomes the optimal choice. There are several visa programs that can help you obtain Canadian Permanent Residency as a skilled worker, i.e. express entry system, Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Permanent residency visa programs offered by CIC are points based visas; you need score certain points in the points system in order to be eligible to apply for these visa options. The points are based on factors such as age, education, English language proficiency and employment history.


Canada Immigration programs

  • Express entry
  • Federal skilled worker (FSWP)
  • Federal skilled trade (FSTP)
  • CEC (Canada experienced class)
  • PNP (Provincial nominee programs)


Express Entry  

Express entry is a periodic draw based immigration program which allows you to apply for Permanent residency visa, It was introduced by the Canada government 'on January 2015, before this the status of permanent resident used to be given to only those applicant who were most likely to succeed economically in Canada on the" first come first serve basis", which has now changed and the ITA(invitation to apply) gets granted to those who are meeting the particular CRS(comprehensive ranking system) or have higher CRS than required.


Benefits of express entry program  

Amongst all the other programs this is the easiest and most direct pathway to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident, express entry is an online system designed to help skilled migrants from across the world to live and work in Canada as a permanent resident.


Eligibility criteria

Age requirement: Under this uncomplicated program the most preference is given to those candidates who are between 18- 30 years old, Candidates applying above the age group of 35 years are given less preference but however they can still apply.

The maximum age limit in this program will be of 45 years and those who would still want to apply for PR but have exceeded the age limit they still have a shot in Provincial Nominee Programs.


Education Eligibility

In order to be considered as a eligible candidate in express entry your Education needs to be equivalent into Canadian education whether in higher secondary or Diploma or a UG & PG degree in any field.


English or French speaker without language test results                                                 

IELTS/Language ability test: For you to be eligible for Canada immigration you will have to undergo IELTS examination before applying for the process or while your documentation for the ECA is on.

The minimum requirement for IELTS is 6 bands in each but the more you score the more your chances of getting the ITA will rise. As per our expert point of view At the least 7 bands in each is what you should score, Score card needs to be less than 2 years old at the time of application and having the extra knowledge of French will provide with extra points thus it will be added into your advantage.


Skilled work Experience

The candidate must hold minimum one year of continuous paid experience in the past ten years in the skills O, A or B category in National Occupation Classification (NOC) list.       

Adaptability: Having a spouse or common law partner giving IELTS will attain you extra 10 points.

Arranged employment: If you get a letter of intent by the Canadian employer it will render you 10 extra points but for that your occupation must be listed in NOC with skill code type A,O or B.    


Other Requirements

Show money: The govt' will requires all the immigrants to show sufficient proof of funds in order to see whether you're a stable candidate and you can take care of yourself and your family in time of crisis in Canada or not.

But if you have a valid offer letter from an Canadian employer or in future if you can find legal work you will not be required to submit the legal funds.

Point requirement: After qualifying all the requirements you will now be allotted a CRS score which is comprehensive ranking system out of 1200 so now you will be ranked against the other PR applicant from here point onward when the IRCC will issue the Express entry draw, your score is above the minimum cut off you will now be issued the ITA for the status of PR in Canada.


Programs under the Express Entry

Federal skilled worker program (FSWP) is the most popular stream in the whole express entry program its undividable meant for working professionals whose occupation falls under the demand list of Canada regardless of the provinces. Currently Canada has 347 high demand occupations, most of which are processed through the Express Entry stream. FSW offers a swift method of obtaining a Permanent Resident (PR) Visa for Canada.


Federal skilled Trade Program (FSTP)

FSTP is the program meant only for those applicants who are want to get the PR Status of Canada based on being qualified as a skilled trade worker. In order to apply for this program there are some requirements which needs to be met by the applicant.


CEC (Canadian Experience Class) Program

This program is only for those candidates who already have skilled work experience in Canada the reason behind this program being developed was to provide PR status to those foreign workers and foreign graduates with qualifying Canadian work experience. If you are working in Canada on temporary basis and living there legally then this program is for you.


Provincial nominee programs (PNP)

This program is the "savior" for  those who are trying to score higher CLB/IELTS score but are  still getting less CLB as well as for those  who are struggling with getting the PR status of Canada but have exceeded the age limit to apply into Express entry there are provinces which can help you get the PR or ITA of Canada easily even after having an non-eligible profile into express entry or the rest of the programs which are mentioned above,  Meaning if the doors of getting the Canada PR through Express entry FSW, FSTP and CIC got closed for you then this might be the chance for you. However, for those applicants whose profile is eligible for express entry for them it is like unleashing another Arrow to hit the target. 


How to apply for Canadian visa

In order to initiate your application for Canadian visa, fill up the free assessment form, so that our Canada Immigration Specialist may contact you with all the relevant information and further visa procedure guidelines for you. For Canada visas our immigration specialists not only guide you for the document preparation giving weightage to every minute details related to your case but also prepare you for the visa interview process to achieve the successful outcome.

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