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Migration to Canada


When it comes to popular destination amongst migrants, Canada always finds one of the top places in the list, and why not. Canada is a beautiful place to live populated with wonderful people. Canadians are well known for their warm heart and kindness.

The medical healthcare system of Canada is completely state of the art. Most of the medical procedure practically come free of cost for a permanent resident of Canada. Educational system of Canada is considered to be one of the best in the world. Canada is a calm and safe destination to travel to or live in.


Canada Tourist Visa

This Visa Lets you visit Canada for a short period of time for a vacation or holiday, medical treatment, business meeting and certain academic purposes.


Canada Working Holiday Visa

This visa is a great option for you if you wish to explore Canada for a short period while you can work there to support your stay in Canada.


Canada Permanent Residency

This visa lets you live and work in Canada indefinitely along with all the medical and social security benefits similar to that of a citizen.


Provincial Nominee Program

This is also a permanent visa to Canada if you are nominated by a Canadian province or territory.


Point’s calculator for Canada PR

Determine your eligibility for Canada PR, based on factors such as Age at the time of application, educational qualification, number of years of experience as a skilled worker and language proficiency.


Determine your eligibility for Canada Visa

Fill up the free assessment form to know your eligibility for a Canadian Visa.

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